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In India thousands of all level poor cricket players from backward, remote, border and rural areas, backward class & poor background, Govt. schools, small towns/streets are playing cricket but golden opportunities are less and hidden talents are surplus. India is a big country for playing cricket where cricket is a religion & unofficially national game, world cricket all most sponsored by Indian companies Indian Twenty20TM Cricket Federation ® & © (ITCF-IndiaTM) Affiliated with International Twenty20TM Cricket Federation ® ITCF-USATM) and recognized from NYK: Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India is a big official platform for those neglected surplus talented poor cricket players from all over India who cannot avail any opportunity to come forward and serve the country through their cricket talent.ITCF IndiaTM is making efforts to provide an official/legal cricket platform for the poor sections (Aam Adami) of society like in the field of education CBSE standard & State education boards are working in every state of India. The players who nurture a desire to play official cricket in remote areas of the country but can't get anywhere near the mainstream. Our Federation has been promoting Twenty20TM Cricket in India since 2001. Our federation organizes Twenty20TM National/Internationals events without any ill motive behind it and only to promote and develop the game of Twenty20TM Cricket for men and boys from grass-root level in India so as to provide right opportunity to small time players from poor back- ground. We have our own rules and regulations of Twenty20TM Cricket (20 over game) and Twenty 20 Innings Cricket (40 over game) 20+20 overs for both inning of each side total of Four innings Total over's 80 and also we have our own Twenty20TM Cricket legal/official infrastructure in India which has no concern with those BCCI & ICC . Here we would also like to bring your kind notice that we have been aiming to form cricket teams Comprising those talented cricket players who have not been able to make it big or have been left out from the state/city or national squads.
Here we would also like to bring your kind notice that we have been aiming to form cricket teams Comprising those talented cricket players who have not been able to make it big or have been left out from the state/city or national squads. We wish to bring you some facts regarding our federation for your kind notice i.e. our federation i.e. Indian Twenty20 Cricket Federation ITCF India is registered body at all India level with registrar of firms and societies under 1860 society act and its Trade Mark Registration (TM.) No. is 1368279 and logo Registration No. is 1368278 and its copy right registration no. is A-75416/2006 dated 19-01-2006 under patient act issued by Ministry of Commerce & Industry Policy, Trade Mark Registry Government of India. Also we published its Trade Mark caution notice in news paper. ITCF INDIA is the first Twenty20 cricket federation to get above said TM from Govt. of India. Our Cricket Federation is the country's first ISO 9001:2008 Certified Federation.ITCF has been promoting Twenty20 Cricket in India since 2001. In this context, we submit that 45 State/City T20 Cricket Associations are affiliated with ITCF India. These T20 associations have further affiliated about 475 District/Zonal T20 units. All the State/City Twenty20 Cricket associations are in the process of registration with their concerned States under one registration number of ITCF-India. These State units conduct Inter-district Twenty20 Cricket Tournaments (Junior & Senior level) in their States. The affiliated district/zonal units also conduct Twenty20 club tournaments in their concern jurisdictions. All the State/City T20 units are divided in 5 Zones i.e. North, East, West, South and Central Zone. Every Zone has around 7 State teams each. Thus total number of players/officials involved with ITCF-India is around one lakh. All Zones have conducted Inter-State Twenty20 Tournaments, junior & senior levels on rotation basis. It is pertinent to mention here that huge crowd gathered in each tournament. Out of each Zone's top 4 teams i.e. champion, runners up, third and fourth, first 2 teams play for Super Zone 1 and 3rd & 4th teams play for Super Zone 2 for all India Twenty20 Nationals, senior & junior. The controlling authority of each zone is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This appointment is made for 2 years by ITCF-India. We have given special affiliation to Bihar, Chandigarh UT, Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Pondicherry UT,Diu Daman Dadarnagar Haveli UT. As your-good-self is well aware, organizing national level Twenty20 Cricket Tournament/championships, senior & junior level & hosting International Twenty20 Cricket Tournaments, running the federation and developing the cricket infrastructure from grass root level in India is highly expensive. Further in this context our federation Indian Twenty20 cricket federation is a cricket promotion society which is run on no profit no loss.

“Jai Hind”

Piyush Rana - Founder of Twenty20 Cricket in India
Piyush Rana
Hon´y Founder Secretary General & TM Owner
Indian Twenty20TM Cricket Federation ® & © ITCF INDIATM

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